Thursday, 19 February 2015

RAK #2

This is the story of my RAK #2:
this afternoon I lost my Tiffany's earing at Zara.
I was really sad and my mum told me the she could buy me a new one and I decided to pay it.
Here the pic of the necklace I use to wear together with my earings
Thanks Betsy!


  1. I have an identity disc my late partner gave to me on her last Christmas. I really treasure it, and it would break my heart if I lost it. I have two silver chain holding it, just in case one breaks!

  2. So sorry you lost your earing, Bea

  3. You should check back at Zara just in case it was found and turned in! How sad to loose it! But it was very kind of you to pay instead of your mother. And it was very kind of your mother to offer to pay! Thank you for joining in my adventure! So fun!

    And.. I love the necklace!

  4. I know that your mom was blessed....not because you offered to pay, but because she saw loveliness in her daughter.... This was a kind gesture.
    Hope you find your earring.

  5. What a sweet jester both ways. Mother and Daughter. How special the bond we have. The necklace is lovely. I'm with Betsy...check back with the store.

  6. That was very kind of both you and your mother.

  7. Like mother, like daughter!
    You are blessed.