Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Hello everybody!
Today I want to talk about Lush (a beautiful shop).
Last week I went to this shop and I bought:
1) Facial mask→For me is very useful because,I think,that sometimes everybody has pimples or something like that on their face so this mint mask can remove them
(And I love his mint fragrance!)
2) Moisturise for hair→(for everybody with curly hair)
You have to put this on your hair without rinsing and,at the end,you're going to have a beautiful curly hair!
I love it
3) Tea tree cleanser→This is a super tea tree and witch hazel gel to clean acne-prone skin and remove oil

I love all these products and I think that they're very useful. 

Let me know what you think about them in the comment below :)


  1. Good post dear! I love your blog <3
    I am following now and you can also follow me please :)))

  2. Looks like wonderful stuff to make you look and feel beautiful! I should give myself a spa day soon! Thanks for visiting my blog and joining in my RAK...we're going to have fun!